Emmanuel Macron changes his mind on the fuel check

Emmanuel Macron changes his mind on the fuel check

2023-09-25 02:10:29
Emmanuel Macron during his interview with the “20 Heures” newspapers on TF1 and France 2, September 24, 2023. IAN LANGSDON / AFP

Suddenly, Emmanuel Macron wanted to speak to the French. During an interview on the 8 p.m. television news broadcast on TF1 and France 2, Sunday September 24, decided less than twenty-four hours earlier, the Head of State spoke on the major subjects – immigration, ecology , inflation, geopolitics – in order, assures the Elysée, to give, itself, the « ton » back to school and to praise a country capable of “take back control of your destiny”.

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Trying to sweep away the prevailing gloom, the President of the Republic assures his fellow citizens: “You can be proud!” » Less than a year before the Paris Olympic Games, the visit of King Charles III and the giant mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Marseille this week took place without incident. Proof, he congratulates himself, of our “capacity to accommodate”.

But on Sunday evening, the words of the sovereign pontiff denouncing a Mediterranean bloodied by the shipwrecks of migrants, in the” indifference ” guilty of Westerners, still resonate. And Emmanuel Macron had to “reply to the pope”points to the Elysée. “We cannot accommodate all the misery in the world”, he declared, endorsing the words spoken thirty years earlier by Michel Rocard.

The Head of State, however, defended the measure of the immigration bill that the Les Républicains (LR) party, a potential ally of the majority, rejects as a red line, and which aims to facilitate the regularization of undocumented workers in the so-called professions in tension. Emmanuel Macron called for a “intelligent compromise”.

“An agreement on margin moderation”

Barely more than a year after his re-election, Emmanuel Macron knows that the contenders for his succession are already preparing, but pretends not to be offended. “I think of our compatriots who don’t know how they’re going to get through the week”he sweeps away.

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Inflation is eating away at the purchasing power of households, even if, according to the Head of State, the statistics tend to show the opposite. “Wage dynamics have more or less kept pace with inflation,” he assures, recalling that the minimum wage has increased by 11% since the start of 2022. An additional boost? The social conference, promised at the beginning of October, should encourage, he thinks, employers to stop paying, in certain sectors, workers below the minimum wage: “I believe in social dialogue. »

So much for salaries. For prices, Emmanuel Macron finds ” intolerable ” that households must deprive themselves of essential goods. And if you don’t have to ” to break ” food prices so as not to penalize our farmers, “an agreement on margin moderation”, he says, is necessary. The State will therefore observe the upcoming negotiations between manufacturers and distributors. “I will see to it personally,” he warns, angrily: “You have large groups who have given you a nice increase on toothpaste and are putting it into their pockets. » Nothing restrictive, however, to avoid superprofits.

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