Emmanuel Macron: Moscow has “let it happen, even encouraged” war crimes in Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron: Moscow has “let it happen, even encouraged” war crimes in Ukraine

A year after the discovery of the Boutcha massacre, Emmanuel Macron accused Moscow on Friday of having “allowed, even encouraged” the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine. “Russian aggression has led to a systematization of war crimes against Ukraine and against its people,” he said in a video message shown during a summit in Kyiv on the crimes of Boutcha. occasion of the first anniversary of the recapture of this locality by the forces of Kiev.

“And far from sanctioning these crimes contrary to all the laws of war, the Russian leaders allowed them to happen, even encouraged them, in defiance of international law and with the clear objective of subjugating the Ukrainian nation through violence”, a- he added.

“There is no peace without justice”

Ukraine estimates that “more than 1,400” civilians died in the Boutcha district during the Russian occupation, including 637 in the city itself. “No abuse, no violation of international law, no war crime or crime against humanity should be forgotten. Because there is no peace without justice”, continued the French president.

In order to judge these crimes, Emmanuel Macron pleaded for the creation of a “body which has sufficient international legitimacy, and which plays a complementary role in relation to the international tools already in place”. kyiv insists on the creation of a special tribunal to judge the most senior Russian officials.


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