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16 ago 2022 . Updated at 12:47 p.m.

How we laughed during those wonderful years when Spain was doing well, when it was getting better. We had the politically incorrect sense of humor that only childhood and old age give, two great friends of the truth. I remember the sketch Tuesday and Thirteen of the empanadillas de Móstoles. «Encarna, Encarna at night? Is that I have the boys doing the military service in the oven and the empanadillas in Móstoles…». Only those who knew the world before YouTube will remember. That mother from Móstoles del show I knew that life is a dumpling of things that needs the pleasure of humor to compensate for the effort. Today, very few make homemade empanadillas and there are quite a few influencer without grace filled with anything, the nuances are burned in the oven and the lax virtual reality goes pancha and without limits, and thus we see theft empowered and veracity drowned.

The “youtuber del simpa”, who wanted to eat a piece of Vigo without paying, did a reverse marketing number for A Tapa do Barril. Now, you must climb the slope of the local’s courage. Where does the new Audiovisual Law really go, the code of conduct protects the dignity of the employee who stops a mug the threats and feet?

Thanks to Tuesday and Thirteen, the empanadillas of Móstoles have a gastronomic fair. those of The Barrel Tap, with their 50 years of trade, they deserve it. Until empanada of youtuber they know how to do well.


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