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The fact that they support cancer patients at work was reported by 28% of employees and 51% of employers. As a rule, in such cases, they give the opportunity to work remotely, provide financial assistance and psychological support.

Employees and company executives differed in their assessment of whether they have communications at work for the prevention of cancer or not. Thus, the majority of ordinary workers believe that campaigns are being carried out, while the majority of managers believe that they are not. This follows from a survey conducted by the international recruiting company Hays in conjunction with the Tinkov Family Foundation (RBC has the results).

Analysts divided the survey results into two parts: responses of ordinary employees (882 people) and employers (CEOs, line managers, HR, 130 people). The study was conducted through an Internet survey.

Thus, 56% of employers answered negatively to the question of whether the company conducts information work on the prevention of oncology. 69% answered positively to the question, specifying that workers are informed about the importance of diagnostics (11% of respondents), about the possibility of making diagnostics free of charge with insurance (19%), about the possibility of treating cancer with insurance (17%). In addition, 22% of respondents reported that employees know they can contact an employer if necessary.

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But among ordinary employees, those who confirmed that information work is being carried out in their company were fewer than those who answered negatively to the relevant question: 57% versus 66%. 18% of respondents reported that they are being informed about the importance of diagnostics at work, 15% know about the possibility of free diagnostics, 14% – about the possibility of treatment under insurance.

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