employees forced to pee in bottles

Time.news – It is unfortunately true, and therefore not just a legend, the fact that Amazon employees would sometimes be forced to pee in plastic bottles, so as not to waste time on deliveries. The same director Ken Loach, in the last film “Sorry we missed you”, had revealed this chilling detail.

And after months of denying it, the company now admits it. “We know that our drivers can and do have problems finding toilets due to traffic or off-road traffic and this was particularly common during the Covid pandemic, when many public toilets were closed,” is the shocking confession of the company. .

A sensational admission that comes after a controversy raised by a tweet from a Democratic member of the US Chamber, Mark Pocan. “Just because you pay your employees $ 15 an hour doesn’t make you a cutting-edge job – he said to the e-commerce giant – if you force your employees to pee in plastic bottles”.

Initially the company had denied, but then several American media had reported numerous statements by employees who testified to the existence of this ‘practice’, and some of these had even reported internal documents that attested that it was well known even by the managers of the same company.

The company was then forced to turn around: “We owe Pocan an apology,” he said. The first reply to the parliamentarian “did not take into account the drivers” and had “mistakenly” focused on our distribution centers, where employees can “leave their workstations at any time” to visit “the dozens of bathrooms” to them. arrangement.

The problem with Amazon’s drivers is “long-standing” and “affects the whole sector”, the company said, underlining: “We would like to solve the problem. We do not know how, but we will look for solutions”, he promised.

Pocan’s reply is ready: “Sigh”, he tweeted. “It’s not about me but your employees, who you don’t treat with enough respect and dignity. You are beginning to recognize the inappropriate working conditions you have created for all of your employees.”

Amazon is in the spotlight in the United States with a vote on creating a union in an Alabama warehouse that would be the first in the country. The results have not yet been announced.



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