Energy transition | Holaluz and Banco Santander join forces to lead the installation of solar panels in Spain

Energy transition |  Holaluz and Banco Santander join forces to lead the installation of solar panels in Spain

Banco Santander and Holaluz have established a strategic alliance to promote the energy transition in Spain. The collaboration, which has just been activated in the almost 2,000 branches that the bank has in Spain, as well as through the bank’s more than 1,000 agents and digital channels, offers Santander customers the possibility of generating their own green energy through the installation of Holaluz photovoltaic panels. This will reduce the electricity bill to zero and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Holaluz, an energy transition technology company, offers a comprehensive value proposition in the solar field that accompanies the client at all times: from the design of the installation, the management of aid and subsidies (which, to date, cover up to the 50% of the installation thanks to Next Generation funds) to the maintenance of the plates, offering guaranteed monthly savings that can reduce the electricity bill to zero. all this is possible thanks to the technological platform developed by Holaluz, along with the power of Santander’s commercial network. Additionally, Banco Santander will make a green financing line available to its customers under preferential conditions.

With this alliance, Santander helps its clients in the necessary energy transition. For the bank, sustainability, in addition to being a great opportunity, is also a responsibility as one of the main financiers of the economy. Therefore, the entitye has committed to mobilizing 220 billion in green financing between 2019 and 2030 and accompany clients in their transition towards a low-carbon economy, through the development of green products and support for the growth of sustainable finance.

Banco Santander is among the most sustainable financial institutions in the world, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2022, and among the top three in Europe. The entity continues to make progress in achieving its objectives related to the fight against climate change and support for the green transition, to achieve net zero carbon emissions throughout the group by 2050, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement .

Holaluz was ranked number 1 last week in the global ESG ranking of Sustainalytics as an energy producing company (Independent Power Production and Traders). The company’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Good Governance) DNA, together with its impact business model that allows it to respond to the global challenge of climate change, positions Holaluz as a key player in the energy transition, demonstrating that it is possible to generate both an economic and positive impact for the planet and people.


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