England: an authorized break during the match to break the Ramadan fast

England: an authorized break during the match to break the Ramadan fast

Ramadan begins on Thursday March 23 and ends on Friday April 21. During this period, the English arbitration bodies have decided to authorize the interruption of matches once the sun has set, according to information from Sky Sports. This will allow Muslim players to break their fast. This measure concerns the Premier League and the three lower divisions: the Championship, League One and League Two.

Referees are also encouraged to meet the players concerned beforehand in order to decide together on the ideal break time. These can be regenerated with drinks, energy gels or supplements. Officials will arrange for these interruptions to occur at natural breaks in play.

Four Premier League matchdays will take place during Ramadan. Added to this is the postponed match of the 8th day between Chelsea and Liverpool. For League One, the third division, up to seven days are concerned.

An example from two years ago

Almost two years ago, on April 27, 2021, the Premier League had already taken a big step forward on this subject. The match between Leicester and Crystal Palace had been interrupted to allow the Muslim players to break their fast. It was then a first for the English championship. The two clubs had agreed with the referee, Graham Scott, to take a break at the half-hour mark.

Wesley Fofana, then defender of Leicester, had thanked all the actors on social networks after the game. The Frenchman was able to take advantage of this break to take energy gels on the edge of the field: “I wanted to thank you for allowing me to break my fast in the middle of the match this evening. That’s what makes football wonderful.”


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