English variant Covid, “up to twice as deadly”: the study


The ‘English’ variant of the coronavirus is more lethal than the original strain. This is indicated by research conducted by scientists from the universities of Exeter, Bristol, Warwick and Lancaster and published in the British Medical Journal. Analysis of data from around 55,000 British patients indicates that the B117 variant (in the UK called the ‘Kent variant’) is 64 per cent more lethal than previous versions of the virus.

Scientists warn, however, that the risk of death could in fact be up to twice as high for those infected with the English variant. The study, in short, suggests that with the English variant infection, the risk of death rises from 0.25 percent, or 1 in 400, to 0.41 percent, or 1 in 250.

Despite these conclusions, British scientists are confident that current vaccines are equally effective against the English variant.


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