Enrico Letta closes the party of the Unity of the Democratic Party in Bologna: “We will approve the Zan bill and the law on citizenship within this legislature”

Under the awning of the Nilde Iotti room, set up for the occasion, with seats and access with green pass, Enrico Letta closes its first party ofUnit as secretary of Pd, a Bologna. His speech touches on current issues, fromAfghanistan to the vaccines: “Anyone who is ambiguous about the green pass is against the salute of the Italians and is against businesses e i workers“. But then it mainly concerned domestic politics: “We are entering a new phase of extreme bipolarity“, Letta’s analysis. Which indicates in the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella “An example to follow” and relaunches the action of the Draghi government “up to natural maturity of the legislature “. The real announcement, however, almost a challenge to League who still belongs to the executive, arrives towards the end of the speech: “We will arrive at the final approval of the ddl Zan“And” to launch a new law on citizenship“Says Letta.

The ministers listen to him in the audience Andrea Orlando, head of the governing Dem delegation, e Dario Franceschini, the undersecretary Enzo Amendola, the group leaders Debora Serracchiani, Simona Malpezzi, Brando Benifei, the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano. “Six months ago I was making an important decision and in these moments I was preparing the speech on the basis of which you have chosen me as secretary of the Democratic Party, you have done me this great honor. I received great pressures but also advice from people who said who makes you do it. Our volunteers are extraordinary, thanks to them of course what is the future“, Says Letta opening his speech, after being greeted by one standing ovation of the militants in the audience.

“I am proud and happy to have taken the witness by a great leader like Gypsies. I am proud to be the secretary of a community that is the only one that organizes political engagement like in these fantastic three weeks in Bologna ”, he underlines. “I am proud of our party in the institutions, in Parliament where so many things will happen in the coming months, ”he says. “Proud of extraordinary campaign that we did for the Afghan people. We are there “.

The thread then immediately shifts to the pandemic: “We must complete the vaccination campaign to make our country completely free. Without i 10 million missing from the appeal we will not make it against the variant. From here our community gives a message to the country: the vaccine is freedom and this word freedom, which has been used inappropriately too many times, is the freedom to go to school, work, earn, travel ”, says Letta. “Who does not want to vaccinate is against the freedom of others and cannot be awarded. Who is ambiguous on Green pass and vaccinations It is against the health of Italians and is against businesses and workers ”, adds the secretary of the Democratic Party.

“I would like the key word of this speech to be that of this party: unity of the Democratic Party for the unity of our coalition that we must build around us with generosity commitment, around the unity of the country, a pro-European, democratic, progressive coalition, the Democratic Party must be generous, far-sighted“, Letta then continues. “The winning alternative to the extreme right. We have entered a new phase: the period started in 2013 when bipolarism was over and a tripolarism that blew everything up. We are entering a new phase of extreme bipolarity and a new political scheme in which either one is here or there: there is no intermediate position that has the minimal chance to do something useful. The novelty is that on the other side there is no longer Berlusconi’s center-right which was still linked to the EPP, but the extreme right, ”he explains.

“We have an example to follow, which is called Sergio Mattarella“: With these words, from the stage of the National Unification Day, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, then sends a greeting to the President of the Republic. All the audience that was listening to him yes she is standing up to applaud. “We support this government in a loyal way – he adds – and we want the Draghi government to last until the natural expiry of the legislature and implement a program made of reforms that it was too long that they could not do: after the passage on justice we will go determined on tax reform. There is the digital and social agenda theme, starting from having learned the lesson that there isto public health do not touch. Then there is the reform of the apprenticeship, because the internship cannot be the way to enter the world of work, and the shock absorbers. We will be demanding on the environmental theme“Says Letta.

Then the announcement: “There are things that will be done in parliament, the new ones rights battles will find results: we will arrive at the final approval of the ddl Zan and we want to use a year and a half of term for do not repeat the mistake that we did at the end of the last legislature not to pass one new law on citizenship“. “In the coming months in Parliament we will also try to move forward as well some reforms like that to limit the parliamentary transformism: we have reached 280 changes of jersey in the legislature, what else needs to happen? ”, adds Letta.

“Too many debates and discussions of post pandemia they made us think that from the pandemic there was a risk that exited from the right. The pandemic teaches us instead that we need to more solidarity, more social cohesion. Before the pandemic in the world there were 195 boats, like the UN nations, we are now the only boat with 195 cabins, there are first, second and third class ones, but if it sinks, it all sinks together. We will get out of this pandemic to the left“. Letta concludes with this message his speech on the national holiday of Unity.
And quotes a Turkish proverb, to say that is what the Democratic Party will do does not happen: “And the trees again voted for the ax, because the ax was clever and had convinced them that it was one of them because it had a wooden handle”.


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