Enrico Varriale, the journalist on trial with immediate rite for injuries and stalking: for the magistrates “overwhelming evidence”

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Enrico Varriale will go to trial with immediate rite. The former deputy director of Raisport, accused of injuries and stalking by his former partner, who denounced him in recent months, according to reports from Repubblica, will skip the preliminary hearing, going directly to trial. For the magistrates, in fact, the evidence against the anchororman “is overwhelming”.

After the stories of the former partner, who denounced Varriale for having “beaten her, slapped her, banged against the wall, insulted her” and for having “persecuted her with phone calls at night, lurking under the house and calling the intercom at 6 in the morning”, Varriale he had denied the accusations. Today, writes the Corriere della Sera, the journalist’s lawyer, Fabio Lattanzi, prefers not to comment. It will be up to the trial, which will start second Republic next January, establish how things went.

According to what the Roman daily reconstructs, the papers tell of a degenerated relationship on August 6, after a period of tension due to the European football championships: “during an altercation for reasons of jealousy”, the journalist “violently slammed her against the wall, shaking and beating them his arms, violently kicking them “. After the attack, the ex-partner had decided to end the relationship but, according to the magistrates, Varriale would have tried to get in touch “obsessively” with her.

Already in recent months the investigating judge, Monica Ciancio, had ordered the precautionary measure of the “ban approach less than 300 meters from the places frequented by the injured person “in addition to two prescriptions”do not communicate with her “ not even “through a third party” and “leave immediately in case of chance encounter, placing himself at a distance of 300 meters “.

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