Environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio: Helicopter from yacht to dinner | Entertainment

Environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio: Helicopter from yacht to dinner |  Entertainment

2023-07-09 15:58:57

La Dolce Vita in Italy at the expense of the environment – and at HIM of all places.

World star Leonardo DiCaprio (48) is known for his climate activism. Again and again he shares calls on social media that people should and must pay more attention to the environment. But now Leo has been caught with SEVERAL climate faux pas.

Bathing fun for Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor has a good time on his super yacht


Radiant blue sea, radiant blue sky and radiantly beautiful women around: As the Italian magazine “Diva” reports, Leonardo DiCaprio is vacationing on his super yacht (value: 174 million euros) in Bella Italia. Also present: the models Bianca Balti (39) and Neelam Kaur Gill (28) as well as entrepreneur Madison Headrick (29). La Dolce Vita in front of the bathing hotspot Forte dei Marmi!

Leo seems to have forgotten his climate commitment for his holiday fun. Not only will his yacht be anything but “green”, his shore excursions will also go against the grain of many eco-supporters.

Leo’s €174 million yacht even has its own helipad


Leo DiCaprio was spotted dining out in Italy with friends. He flew from the sea to land in a helicopter


Because: For visits to the country for lunch, dinner or a disco, Leo and his friends like to be flown back and forth in a helicopter. There is a landing pad on board the luxury yacht. The actor doesn’t seem to mind using his own CO₂ slingshot on vacation.

Most recently, Leo was voted America’s most trusted prominent authority on climate change and other environmental issues. Even ahead of Greta Thunberg (20) or Joe Biden (80). That comes from one National Research Group online survey.

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Which woman conquers Leo’s heart?

The Titanic star is said to have flirted with model Neelam Kaur Gill, who is on the yacht. And Leo is also said to have had fun with Bianca Balti, who has now been spotted in Italy: the two were seen dancing for hours in a disco. At 39, Balti is actually too old: As is known, DiCaprio mainly prefers women under 25.

Bianca Balti (centre) shares a snapshot with Madison (left) and Neela (right) from the Forte dei Marmi resort on Instagram

Photo: biancabalti/Instagram

Just a few days ago, rumors about the actor and supermodel Gigi Hadid (28) surfaced again. A party guest claimed to the US portal “Page Six” that the two were a couple.

Does Gigi Leo’s visit to women look just as critically as his fans at climate sins?

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