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Number of vacancies: 1

Company: Anthesis Lavola

Ciudad: Madrid

Deadline for submission of applications: 10/04/2023

Job functions:
At Anthesis Lavola we are the change activating team! ⯑

Our objetive? We are clear! We work to achieve a more resilient, sustainable and fair world. To achieve this and activate the change, we develop and put into action various services and products designed to create a positive impact on people and their environment.

If, like us, you are also passionate about the environment and believe that environmental education is the key to a more sustainable society and planet, keep reading because Anthesis Lavola is your team! ⯑

Join the Campaigns educational team and help us achieve an important challenge:

Involve the public in the waste separation and street cleaning system in the Community of Madrid. Be part of the action for environmental awareness and awareness and work with us to achieve a more committed and proactive population that is committed to more efficient waste management.

know your mission

What are your challenges and objectives during the campaign?

o You will inform and advise the public and the main waste producers regarding the correct separation and management of the waste they generate.
o You will make visits to the selected buildings and businesses, including those responsible for the porter’s office and concierge.
o You will promote workshops, talks and other educational activities on waste management and cleaning public spaces in the so-called “campaign allies”, groups and also the school public (educational centers).
o You will provide information about the objectives of the campaign at the information points.
o You will distribute posters and informative posters in places specifically selected for the campaign.
o You will carry out specific tasks for environmental awareness and the dissemination of informative materials in the information stands, as well as help in the logistics and good maintenance of the necessary educational materials for the execution and development of the campaign.
o You will collect and analyze the requests and proposals of the public regarding the campaign.
o You will monitor and evaluate the campaign through surveys and digital forms.
o You will provide new proposals for the adequacy of the actions planned in each district.
o You will actively participate in the communication of the campaign and promote the dissemination of the actions that are carried out.

job requirements:
How is the person we are looking for?

To successfully develop this new challenge, we are looking for a person who brings the following knowledge, experience and skills to the team.
Read on to find out if you are the person our team needs! ⯑

o Training and key knowledge

Higher level training cycles, degrees and/or degrees both completed and in progress in the scientific-technological and sociocultural branches, such as:

Forest Management and Natural Environment, Education and Environmental Control, Sociocultural and Tourist Animation, Natural Environment Guide, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Education and Social Work, Tourism, Humanities or other similar qualifications.

We will appreciate that you have training and/or specific knowledge in waste management or similar.
We also value that you have previous experience in similar positions related to environmental education, as well as in customer service.

o Domain of the Castellano.
o Have a driver’s license (B1).
o Evidence of a negative sexual offenses certificate.
o Reside in Madrid or surroundings.

What will your skills and abilities be?

We would like you to contribute to the team:

o Proactive and dynamic attitude.
o Initiative and ability to promote and activate citizen participation.
o Interest and orientation towards sustainability and the environment.
o Identification and commitment to the objectives of the campaign and their achievement.
o Emotional intelligence and assertive communication.
o Teamwork and cooperation.
o Flexibility and adaptability to change.

Conditions of the job:
The characteristics of your role

o You will join the team in March – April 2023.
o The duration of the project will be until January 31, 2024.
o Your contract will be temporary.
o The schedule that you will carry out will be full-time distributed from Monday to Friday with split hours from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with the corresponding break. You will also work one weekend a month with the corresponding rest during the week.
o The job that you will develop will be face-to-face in the city of Madrid with roaming throughout the Community of Madrid.

What does it mean to work at Anthesis Lavola?

We present you the benefits and advantages of being part of our great team!

o You will be part of a pioneering consultancy in sustainability and the environment awarded with the B Corp™ seal, a sign of our commitment to promote a positive environmental, cultural and social impact.
o You will join a team where you will be the engine of change and our great commitment to achieve a better world. Join an unbeatable team, full of talent, commitment and passion that represents our values ​​and that will welcome and accompany you in a cooperative and motivating work environment.
o You will participate in an inclusive culture where diversity is part of our identity and we strive to represent and listen to all the voices and ideas of our team.
o You will participate in initiatives and social responsibility projects, join us and contribute your value!
o You will learn to develop your role successfully with our support and accompaniment. Your training is our responsibility and we will watch over your talent and so that nothing stops you!
o You will have real opportunities to participate in other Anthesis Lavola campaigns and projects.

The spirit of Anthesis Lavola

We want you to know our culture and values

#emotional intelligence #diversity #empowerment #transparency #innovation #transformation

At Anthesis Lavola we value diversity in all its forms and expressions and we understand it as the spark of change and the key to building the team of tomorrow and also of the present, an empowered, proactive and innovative team with a unique identity and talent.
We are working hard to build a more inclusive, fair, and diverse environment and teams where everyone enjoys the safety, recognition, and respect essential to fulfilling their individual potential. Without a doubt, we are proud of all the people who give life and value to the company and we celebrate their successes and growth within our team.

⯑ Now it’s your turn, what impact do you want to leave? If you believe that this role represents you and our proposal is what you are looking for, join our team and be part of the sustainable revolution. We will wait for you!

Data for sending applications:

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