Ephemeris of March 27: World Theater Day

Ephemeris of March 27: World Theater Day

2023 – THEATER DAY. World Theater Day is celebrated in order to promote the contribution of this ancient art to the enrichment of culture around the world. It was created in 1961, at the initiative of the International Theater Institute.

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That year, the UNESCO International Theater Institute decided to organize a world day to celebrate one of the most outstanding performing arts: dramaturgy.

In this way, the members of that body met in Helsinki, supported mainly by the Nordic countries, and they decided to start this tradition on March 27, 1962.

World Theater Day: why it is celebrated on March 27

As explained by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, the date was chosen since, since 1954, every 27 of the third month the season began at the Theater of Nations in Paris, an event that sought to achieve communion between the countries after the Second World War.

More ephemeris

1871 – ENGLAND VS SCOTLAND. The teams of England and Scotland play in the city of Edinburgh the first international rugby match, which was won by the Scots. In January 1871, the Rugby Football Union of England had been founded, the first in that sport and which had 22 affiliated clubs.

1901 – ENRIQUE S. DISCÉPOLO. The composer, tango musician and playwright Enrique Santos Discépolo, author of the famous tangos “Yira, yira” (1929), “Cambalache” (1934) and “Uno” (1943) was born in Buenos Aires.

1935 – ABELARDO CASTILLO IS BORN. The writer Abelardo Castillo, winner of four Konex Awards, who had a great influence on national literature of the 20th century, was born in Buenos Aires. With Liliana Heker he founded in 1961 the literary magazine El Escarabajo de Oro, considered one of the most representative of the ’60 generation.

1963 – NACE CHARLY ALBERTI. The musician Charly Alberti was born in Buenos Aires, who was the drummer of the popular rock band Soda Stereo and is the founder of the environmental group R21 for a sustainable Latin America.

Charly Alberti.

1963 – NACE QUENTIN TARANTINO. American screenwriter, director and film producer Quentin Tarantino, winner of the 1995 Oscar and Golden Globe Awards for the film Pulp Fiction, and 2013 for Django Unchained, was born in the city of Knoxville (Tennessee, USA). He also won the 2020 Golden Globe for the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Quentin Tarantino.  (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

1963 – NACE XUXA. Singer, model and television host Maria da Graça “Xuxa” Meneghel was born in the Brazilian municipality of Santa Rosa, who in the 1990s gained popularity with the children’s television program “El show de Xuxa” with the nickname of the “Queen of the shorties”.


1970 – NACE MARIAH CAREY. The American singer, songwriter and music producer Mariah Carey, noted for her vocal range and winner of five Grammys, among other awards, is born in the American city of New York. She sold more than 200 million records. She acted in nine movies and three American television series.

Mariah Carey

1970 – SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. In the United Kingdom, “Sentimental journey” is released, the first solo album by Ringo Starr, ex-drummer of the legendary British pop rock band The Beatles.

1973 – MARLON BRANDO. American actor Marlon Brandon rejects the Oscar for his portrayal of mobster boss Don Vito Corleone in the film The Godfather to repudiate “the mistreatment” of the native peoples of the United States in Hollywood cinema.

The Godfather Marlon Brandon

1975 – NACE FERGIE. Born in the town of Hacienda Heights (California, USA) is the American singer Fergie Duhamel, who was part of the pop bands Wild Orchid and The Black Eyed Peas and has won 16 awards.


1987 – VIDEO DE U2. Thousands of fans of the Irish rock band U2 attend the recording of the video clip for “Where the streets have no name” on the terrace of a liquor store in the US city of Los Angeles. It is one of the songs on the album The Joshua Tree released that year by the band led by Bono.

1991 – CONVERTIBILITY. President Carlos Menem promulgates the law of Convertibility of the peso with the dollar with a relationship of “one to one”, promoted by his Minister of Economy, Domingo Cavallo. The “convertibility” was repealed in 2002, in the midst of the aftermath of the deep crisis that a year before caused the fall of the government of Fernando De la Rúa.

Cavallo and Menem.

2003 – ROBERTO LAVAGNA. Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna announces “the end of the financial Corralito” that withheld bank deposits and that had been dictated in 2001 by his predecessor Domingo Cavallo, during the presidency of Fernando De la Rúa.


Other ephemeris

1513.- Juan Ponce de León discovers Florida.

1528.- The Captaincy of Venezuela is established.

1558.- The Spanish conquistador García Hurtado de Mendoza founds the city of San Mateo de Osorno in Chile, which was destroyed by the Indians in 1602.

1642.- Foundation of the Royal and Pontifical University of San Francisco Javier, in Chuquisaca (Bolivia).

1776.- After 27 days of resistance, Spanish troops achieve the surrender of the Portuguese fort of Santa Tecla, in Buenos Aires.

1802.- Peace of Amiens by which Spain recovers the island of Menorca, but loses the island of Trinidad, in favor of the English.

1854.- France and England, allies of Turkey, declare war on Russia with which the Crimean War begins.

1871.- The national rugby teams of Scotland and England play the first international match of this sport in Edinburgh.

1882.- First day of operations of Banco Mercantil Mexicano, in the capital of Mexico.

1929.- Isidro Ayora is elected president of Ecuador.

1933.- Japan withdraws from the League of Nations.

1942.- The Argentine legislative assembly accepts the resignation of Roberto María Ortiz to the presidency of the Republic and this same day Ramón Castillo assumes the position.

1958.- Nikita Khrushchev assumes the presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union.

1968.- Suharto assumes the presidency of Indonesia with full powers to govern.

1973.- The American actor Marlon Brando rejects the Oscar for his role in “The Godfather” in protest against the treatment of the native population of his country.

1977.- Two planes crash at Los Rodeos airport, on the Spanish island of Tenerife, the biggest air disaster in the history of commercial aviation, with 583 deaths and 61 injuries.

1993.- The General Secretary of the Communist Party, Jiang Zemin, is elected President of the People’s Republic of China.

1994.- The Colombian César Gaviria is elected Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

1996.- The Jewish extremist Igal Amir is sentenced to life imprisonment and six additional years for the assassination of Prime Minister Isaac Rabin.

1999.- The Parliament of Venezuela approved the Enabling Law that gives full powers to the president, Hugo Chávez, to legislate on economic matters.

2004.- The prototype of a new NASA drone, the X-43A, successfully passes its flight test at 8,000 kilometers per hour, seven times the speed of sound.

2006.- The former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos assumes the presidency of the Club of Madrid, an organization dedicated to strengthening democracy in the world.

.- The British newspaper “The Independent” publishes its latest edition on paper and as of this day it only has digital format.

2021.- China and Iran seal their alliance with a 25-year economic cooperation pact.

.- Facebook blocks the ability of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to publish information on the social network for a month.

2022.- Will Smith, Oscar winner for best leading actor, attacks comedian Chris Rock after a joke he made about his wife.


1845.- Wilhelm Roentgen, German physicist, discoverer of X-rays.

1851.- Ruperto Chapí, Spanish composer of zarzuelas.

1899.- Gloria Swanson, American actress.

1903.- Xavier Villaurrutia, Mexican poet and writer.

1909.- Ben Webster, American jazz saxophonist.

1912.- James Callaghan, English unionist and politician.

1923.- Shusaku Endo, Japanese writer.

1924.- Sarah Vaughan, American jazz singer.

1927.- Mstislav Rostropovich, Russian musician.

1942.- Michael York, British actor.

1952.- María Schneider, French film actress.

1953.- Annemarie Moser Proell, Austrian skier.

1961.- Tony Rominger, Swiss cyclist.


1770.- Juan Bautista Tiepolo, Italian painter.

1968.- Yuri Gagarin, the first Soviet astronaut.

1988.- Renato Salvatore, Italian film actor.

1989.- Claudio Santoro, Brazilian musician.

2001.- Francisco Seara, Venezuelan motorcycling pilot

2002.- Billy Wilder, American filmmaker.

2006.- Stanislaw Lem, Polish writer.

2007.- Faustino Oramas, Cuban musician popularly known as “El Guayabero”.

2018.- Stéphane Audran, actress francesa.

2022.- Enrique Pinti, actor and director, icon of Argentine humor.

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