Epic Games Appeals Court Ruling In Its Dispute With Apple

Game developer Epic Games on Sunday, September 12, filed an appeal in the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals against a California District Court ruling issued last Friday in a lawsuit between that company and Apple. Although the court upheld Epic Games’ claims on one of the points, albeit quite important, on the rest of the points, it spoke in favor of Apple.

Recall that the confrontation between the companies began last year. Many developers have long been unhappy with the 30 percent fee that Apple charges on all in-app payments in the App Store. Last August, Epic Games, and many other companies following it, launched a campaign to reduce this commission.

Last Friday, September 10, a court ruled that Apple should not prohibit developers from including external links, custom buttons, or other ways to notify users about payment methods other than the App Store in their apps. In doing so, however, he felt that Epic Games had violated agreements with Apple when last year it gave users the ability to buy in-game currency and goods directly through the Fortnite in-game app, rather than through Apple’s payment service. In accordance with the court decision, Epic Games is to reimburse the amount Apple lost due to this, namely about $ 12 million. Immediately after the decision was made, the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, stated that this decision “is not a victory for developers and consumers” and that the company will continue to fight, and on Sunday Epic Games filed an appeal.

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