At the press conference the prime minister’s attack against Erdogan, “let’s call them for what they are: dictators”. We need to cooperate with the “Sultan” but “frankness” is needed. Ursula von der Leyen suffered a serious “humiliation” in Ankara

Erdogan is “a dictator” and should apologize for the “humiliation” inflicted on Ursula von der Leyen. Mario Draghi use the hatchet at the press conference. The Twitter hashtag sofa-gate has become a huge diplomatic accident.

Charles Michel, the president of the European Council who, during his visit to Ankara, sat next to Erdogan in the chair, without saying a word for the president of the EU Commission left standing, now the chair, the one in Brussels, risks losing it when reconfirmed, next year.

The rumble of condemnations from European leaders was not long in coming. But no one used Draghi’s words. “Let’s call them for what they are: with these dictators, who are needed, however, to collaborate one must be frank in expressing one’s diversity of views and also ready to cooperate to ensure the interests of one’s country. We need to find the right balance ”, he said at Palazzo Chigi.

“I absolutely did not agree with President Erdogan’s behavior towards Von der Leyen. It was not appropriate behavior. I was very sorry for the humiliation that the President of the European Commission had to suffer ”.

It is not remembered by heart an Italian prime minister using the term “dictator” referring to another head of state or government. “Peace through strenght“Peace with force, the former US president told his followers Donald Trump. The power of words certainly does not scare Draghi.

Who was among the first EU leaders to seek contact with Erdogan’s Turkey to discuss the many pending dossiers with Italy, from energy in the Eastern Mediterranean to Libya to migrants. But he was also the first to condemn Ankara’s diplomatic rudeness against the EU so harshly. “Openness and cooperation”, more than that …

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