Erika de la Vega suffered a spectacular skiing accident

Erika de la Vega suffered a spectacular skiing accident

The Venezuelan presenter Érika de la Vega is stable after her accident while trying to practice extreme sports.

Pretty and little supported on her skis, she lost control and skidded”, this tells Érika de la Vega, who decided to take advantage of a few days off to enjoy the snow in the mountains of Colorado, United States, in the company of her son, Matías, without imagining what would happen next.

The Creole told the results of her journey to her followers on Instagram. “Once upon a time there was a woman named Erika who has a 14-year-old son named Matías. One day they decided to go skiing on their vacation break to enjoy the snowy mountains of Colorado.” de la Vega began to tell about his attempt to ski in a publication accompanied by a carousel of photos that shows what happened.

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Erika de la Vega
The Venezuelan and her daughter Matías during the ski day.


It is no secret to anyone that skiing is an extreme sport that requires a lot of care and those who practice it assume various risks.

It seems that the family vacation did not come with the expected end. De la Vega, who surely has a busy schedule for his space In self defensewanted to do this adventure to continue cultivating the love he feels for his only son.

An experience to learn

“The first days were beautiful, with blue skies and the hot sun. Then snow fell as if it were December. The last day Erika felt confident and without an instructor she went with her son and her friends to enjoy the last skiing ”, continued recounting.

Likewise, according to the photographs, it can be seen that Érika and Matías had the security team for this entertaining activity.

“Pretty and little supported by her skis, she lost control and skidded one leg to one side and the other to the other and when she tried to get up she knew something had broken”, He kept counting the journey.

Although she did not give many details about the fall, the announcer came out optimistic “and in a wheelchair he returned home to pray the entire rosary because he hoped he did not have the choreto ligament,” joked.

asimism, yeahrikawith the grace that defines her, ended the story as one more episode of her adventures. “I leave you a new story of crutches, ice and ibuprofen that is fully explained in photos.”

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