Ernst August von Hanover with a criminal appeal in court in Linz

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The appeal process initiated by Ernst August von Hannover against a judgment of the regional court in Wels will take place on Wednesday at the higher regional court in Linz. On March 23, he wrote out ten months’ imprisonment and five instructions against which he appealed. The OLG decides on the judgment in the second instance.

The court did not know in advance whether Ernst August von Hannover would appear in person. He could also be represented.

Accusation: Police officers injured and threatened

The 67-year-old was found guilty, negligently put himself in a state of incapacity with alcohol and medication and, in this condition, injured a police officer in Grünau im Almtal or in Scharnstein (Gmunden district), threatened another officer and employees to have smashed a window. If he had been clear, he would have been charged with resistance to state authority, serious bodily harm, dangerous threats, property damage and coercion.

In addition to being sentenced to ten months of conditional imprisonment, Ernst August von Hanover received, among other things, instructions not to drink alcohol and to undergo psychotherapy. The decision of the Upper Austria Regional Administrative Court on his appeal against the gun ban imposed on him is still open.

Also on Thursday court hearing, but in Hanover

In contrast to Linz, the 67-year-old must be present on Thursday at the Hanover regional court. There he demands the return of the Marienburg, the Calenberg property in the Pattensen-Schulenburg community and the Herrenhausen Princely House in Hanover, which he gave to his son Ernst August Hereditary Prince of Hanover in 2004 and 2007 in anticipated succession.

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