Esa, the astronaut Pesquet shows tour of the ISS thanks to a 360 camera

Exceptional ‘sightseeing tour’ with ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet. In a video, just published on the institutional website of the European Space Agency, Pesquet shows a tour of the International Space Station like no other. Esa explains that “filmed with a 360 camera, the Space Station 360 series allows everyone and for themselves to explore “the first human outpost in space thanks” to Thomas’s explanation. “And the published images bring ‘the earth visitor’ into the Kibo module.

Kibo is the Japanese module, also known as the Japanese experimental module or Jem, and Thomas guides the visitor through the hardware available to astronauts and researchers on Earth, the unique airlock and storage space in Kibo. The video is part of a series with Thomas showing each module in full 360-degree surround video, explains the ESA again.


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