Escape from boredom, towards art and colors

twelve o’clock, 19 March 2021 – 21:55

Through sudden twists they move from one job to another, chasing dreams and passions

of Anna Paola Merone

A life together, where there is room for improvisation and twists. A bit like in jazz: basic harmony and unexpected changes of musical register. Paola Greco and Giancarlo Frezza met in 1979 in La Mela. one Thursday evening: she is 20, he is 25. A week later they get together, two years later they get married. She sees in him the promise of a life in color: an intuition, because theirs is initially a conventional marriage. They are two boys with an old-fashioned education, with solid and formal families behind them. Eleonora arrives two years later, then Pierluigi: she dedicates herself to her children while he carries out a large study of insurance appraisals.

Nothing as it seems

But nothing as it seems. And the twist is the meeting with Vincenzo Muccioli. the patron of San Patrignano to give the first jolt to their life. He meets Paola at a fashion show of Tivioli’s furs, made by the boys of her community, and sees a spark in her. Without too many words, he proposes to open and manage the Neapolitan showroom of Sanpa. Giancarlo clearly tells her that he believes she is not up to a challenge for which he has no competence and no training. But Paola does not listen to him: she throws herself with ardor and recklessness. And it wins. When the destinies of San Patrignano change, the showroom closes. She sends resumes around and is contacted by Swatch. For ten years he worked in Milan for the company that revolutionized the world of watches, first as manager of Southern Italy, then director of Italy. She and Giancarlo only see each other on Saturdays and Sundays. And, in the meantime, he matures other choices.

A choice of passion

He wants to make his passion, painting, his job. It is probably the twists and turns that have characterized Paola’s life that make him decide to take the big step. He closes his office and art becomes central, a commitment that will give him success and gratification. From Pesciopoli to female nudes, the facts will prove him right. But Paola has another twist in store. In the name of eco-sustainability, a fashion company opens – Le Zirre – which is the synthesis of what it has always sought. Color, a form of extended spirituality, fun and harmony. After all, that’s how he experienced the ups and downs of a life as a couple where he was able to keep everything together. Le Zirre buys precious fabrics that are the result of high fashion houses. Save silks, taffett, gold-embroidered linen, jacquard destined for landfills: he buys them at competitive prices and uses them to make bags, dresses, coats. No imported materials, no cheap labor sourced in China or India. He supports her from afar, in a job that has become a family challenge, and she encourages him to immerse himself in her art. The difficult moments are there every day, but the good ones are more.

March 19, 2021 | 21:55

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