Escher’s Relativity lives in Amalfi

Escher’s Relativity lives in Amalfi

NoonJanuary 31, 2023 – 08:26

Identified the building that would have inspired one of the Dutch engraver’s most famous works

Of Vincent Esposito

The palace that inspired has been found Maurits Cornelis Escher in one of his most famous works, «Relativity». A lithograph made in 1953 and imprinted in the mind of the Dutch graphic artist and engraver thirty years earlier, during his stay on the Amalfi coast. The work is in the National Gallery in Washington but the building is in Amalfi near Piazza Municipio almost next to the tunnel that leads to Atrani, place of the heart of the artist who stayed there for a long time starting from 1923. Marco Scognamiglio, communicator of company and painter. «I fell in love with Escher at first sight – says Scognamiglio – as a child and during the lockdown I decided to look for the places and architectures that inspired him on the Amalfi Coast». And apparently he succeeded. After all, Escher himself admitted that 110 of his works were inspired by the “Italian period” because “over there I got bizarre ideas, birds, fish, skies and waters”.

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January 31, 2023 | 08:26

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