“Escorts” to quell protests in China escape moderation on Twitter

The Chinese regime has created a smokescreen to distract from violent protests at the site of the world’s largest iPhone factory. The method used is surprising: links to adult pornography have flooded news about cities where rallies have intensified in response to the communist government’s zero Covid policy.

On Twitter, impossible to find information related to cities in the process of demonstrating without finding advertising for “escort girls”

On Sunday, November 27, a flood of harmful content was spotted by researchers specializing in censorship operations. Many Chinese-language accounts, some inactive for months or years, have revived to spam Twitter with links to “escort girl” services and other adult offerings. Anyone searching for posts about cities where protests were taking place, and using the Chinese names of the places, found pages and pages of useless tweets, instead of information about the protests, as they escalated.

On his Twitter account, Dong Mengyua digital and censorship specialist at Stanford University, warned that Chinese “bots” were flooding the platform with posts promoting “lady-in-waiting” services, to make it more difficult access to information about mass protests for Chinese users.

Censorship operation

The specialist in Chinese disinformation ThisIsWenhao also have denounced this censorship operation, and urged Elon Musk to identify why the top search results for certain Chinese cities, where protests were unfolding, only showed escort ads.

According to Stanford University researchers, interviewed by The Washington Post, it was a campaign to reduce the flow of information about widespread protests against coronavirus restrictions, which went so far as to call for the resignation of Communist Party leaders.


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