Espadas accuses Moreno of “putting Andalusia in danger”

Espadas accuses Moreno of “putting Andalusia in danger”

The socialist candidate for the Junta, Juan Espadas, this Thursday accused the Andalusian president and PP candidate, Juanma Moreno, of “endanger” the rights of Andalusia for having agreed and “opening the door” to the extreme right of Vox, of which he has said that “they are scary, they are the past and the NoDo in black and white”.

Some 300 people have gathered in Almeria’s Plaza de Cazard, adjacent to the Teatro Cervantes, among them the socialist militant and leader of the “brother” union UGT-A, Carmen Castilla, to listen to the candidate, who has intervened for the first time in this capital during the campaign.

Voting for the PP and Moreno is having Vox in San Telmo

Espadas has ironized Moreno’s statements in which he has compared himself to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, an extreme that he has categorically denied: “The difference between Macron and Moreno is that the Frenchman did not agree with the extreme right and the latter has opened the door and agreed with them to stay in power”, he assured. In this sense, before the electoral appointment of 19J, he has remarked: “Voting for the PP and Moreno is having Vox in San Telmo (headquarters of the Presidency of the Board)”.

Faced with the “cuts” of rights from the right and the extreme right, the candidate has asked the Andalusians to go to the polls to bet on a supportive and inclusive Andalusia that welcomes migrants and “does not expel them.” “We have to teach a lesson on 19J, decide in favor of rights, not rights. We cannot throw away 40 years of rights“, he has demanded.

“A turning point is visible in the campaign”

Earlier, in statements to journalists, the PSOE candidate has valued that a “turning point” is “visible” in his campaign after the “great act” that he shared last Sunday with the President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez. So far, the polls give the second position to the Socialists with 33 seats, far from the 42 seats of the PP.

Espadas added that, “indeed, this is a sensation that is generating that rising tide effect that probably became more visible over the weekend” with the “great act” in Cuevas del Almanzora (Granada), after which it was “demonstrated , first of the PSOE is absolutely prepared for these electionswho is cohesive, strong, united and very focused on how important this challenge is, not only for the PSOE”, but “for Andalusia”, as the candidate has defended.


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