Espionage: Russian diplomats out of Europe | Three EU Countries Expel Dozens of Russian Diplomats

The Hague: Dozens of European countries have expelled dozens of diplomats to thwart Russia’s espionage. European countries’ relations with Russia were disrupted by the occupation of Ukraine.

17 Russian Intelligence Offices threatened by national security The Thailand has announced that it has expelled the men. They entered the country under the guise of diplomats. He was asked to leave the country after being summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was too late. The threat posed by intelligence agencies in the country has recently increased. The authorities indicated.

The Czech Republic has instructed the Russian ambassador to leave the country within 72 hours.

Ireland has also demanded the release of four senior Russian officials. Poland has expelled 45 Russian intelligence officers. US, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro The GRO countries have recently taken a similar step.


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