EssEmm Corporation’s New Product ‘Cosmas Nut Butter Grinder’! ‘COSMOS NUT BUTTER GRINDER’ a first of its kind in India

Founder and Managing Director of SM Corporation Mr. Introduced by Satish Nair. The Cosmos Nut Butter Grinder is used to grind peanuts, sesame, cashews, cocoa beans, apricot kernels, pumpkin seeds and many other nuts and seeds from roasted to fine powder. It is very useful for the hospitality industry including supermarkets, organic food stores, ice cream, chocolate and hotels. The entire machine is made of SS 304 and the food grinding parts are made of SS 316 grade.

Mr. Satish Nair

This allows the machine to work continuously for a longer period of time. EssEmm’s first flagship product is the CMG – Cosmos Multi-Utility Grinder. The company has built this machine with quality after decades of continuous research and development.. Cosmac Cook Vuco with its high quality technology has now become a globally recognized brand. Its flagship products include the Automatic Cooking Machine, a high-tech commercial kitchen machine with NSF, CE-EDL certification. The Cosmas Zita A8 is a versatile vegetable chopper. Founded in 1993, Cosmos Group has expanded its divisions into industrial catering automation, food processing, software engineering and support services. EssEmm provides technical service in major cities of India. Cosmos products are exported to countries around the world including America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Singapore and Australia.


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