essential to harness the potential of electric cars and chargers

essential to harness the potential of electric cars and chargers

2023-06-28 14:22:02

Home automation technology is increasingly present in Spain, where 65% of homes had at least one smart device in 2022 according to a study published by ADT. However, the potential of connected technology is exploited only inside the home, keeping buildings and neighboring communities oblivious to the advances in security, control or energy efficiency offered by home automation.

Increased security is one of the main advantages offered by a connected building. The WiFi network allows the implementation of intelligent video surveillance systems capable of analyzing images and identifying specific threats, and also installing intelligent alarms with multiple functions such as theft prevention, fire detection or the location of water or gas leaks.

Builders are also opting to integrate connected solutions into the very fabric of buildings to ensure their integrity and prevent problems. In the same way, having WiFi allows you to improve energy efficiency by controlling lighting or cooling with a control panel from which multiple aspects of the building can be managed in detail. It is also possible to configure intelligent access systems or monitor the status of the photovoltaic installations, controlling their production and detecting the hours of greatest production.

If there is an area of ​​the buildings where the internet connection can make a difference, it is the parking lot. «Car parks are ‘dark’ areas where often the mobile connection does not even reach. This means that many of the systems and advantages of the latest generation vehicles, such as anti-theft alarms or navigation systems, are cancelled, “explains Henrik Bergman, CEO of Charge Amps. «In the case of smart chargers for electric vehicles, having WiFi guarantees absolute control over consumption and charge management so that the car is always ready. Thanks to the connection to the network, drivers can schedule charges, taking advantage of off-peak hours, or block the charger when they are not using it to avoid bad practices”.

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Offering internet in car parks is currently presented as an option, but it will be essential in the near future thanks to the advancement of electromobility. Only through a good connection can it be ensured that the vehicles and chargers have the latest software and firmware updates to avoid possible hacks and guarantee the best usability and experience.

«The advantages offered by the connection in car parks is the best example of the importance of WiFi in neighboring communities. Advancing towards smart buildings is as simple as having the internet and adding devices periodically. Without that foundation, property managers will be left behind in their management, unable to ensure progress towards sustainability or future-proof construction,” concludes Bergman.

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