Essilux, Del Vecchio: “A dream come true, great ambitions”. Confirmed targets

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“Today, 60 years after Luxottica was founded, I am proud to say that my lifelong dream of creating a fully integrated all-round champion in the eyewear industry has come true. Although it was not a path without challenges, we have successfully managed to lay the foundations for a new company“. So Leonardo Del Vecchio, chairman of Essilux in a message to the shareholders at the meeting commented on the past year characterized by the pandemic and the future. The assize will approve the 2020 annual results and elect the new board of directors for the expiration of governance parity which marked the first three years of the merger between the French Essilor group and the Italian Luxottica group.

“Looking ahead, we have big ambitions for 2021 and beyond. With our forward-thinking managers at the helm and the right strategy and resources in place, we are taking off as a new company destined to accomplish great things. EssilorLuxottica will continue to be the company our people, partners and consumers are proud to work with and we will take great care of your investment in us and our shared interests in the future. ”

“When I wrote last year we were in the midst of a storm, which required great courage and determination from our entire organization while now we can finally see clearer skies ahead of us“, wrote Del Vecchio opening his message.” 2020 was a year like no other “he continues, underlining the resilience of the group.

“Following our merger, we have led the group into uncharted waters while remaining true to our strategic commitment and ensuring health and safety. well-being of our 140,000 employees around the world“. And he continues:” Despite the effects of the pandemic, last year EssilorLuxottica managed to create value for all its stakeholders, thanks to the open business model, a global footprint in 150 countries, a relentless focus on digital transformation and its unique ability to connect a network of 400,000 people including opticians, optometrists, laboratories and wholesale customers around the world. These unique pillars, combined with the world’s most recognized brands that consumers love and trust, are the foundation for the eyewear and eye care company of the future. “

In a joint message with his deputy Paul du Saillant, the new CEO Francesco Milleri he stressed that Essilor and Luxottica have “done giant steps on the integration front and we can confirm cumulative synergies of 300-350 million euros by the end of 2021 and for 420-600 million by the end of 2023“.

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“Today EssilorLuxottica – added the two top-managers – is well positioned to outperform and transform the eyewear andeyecare. We will continue to persevere to ensure the prosperity of our company and our employees, with a clear roadmap in mind, to achieve our goals in 2021 and beyond. What we saw last year gives us confidence for the future and for the extraordinary things we will accomplish together, as one company “.

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