Estonia decided to install 130 km of barbed wire on the border with Russia – RBK

The Estonian military intends to build a 130 km long barbed wire fence on the border with Russia. Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet stated this, Postimees reports.

Estonia does not have a common border with Belarus, but fears that illegal migrants in Belarus may enter the country through the territory of Russia. “The Defense Forces are also ready, if necessary, by the forces of the engineering battalion to install a barbed wire fence. [на границе с Россией]”, – he said.

According to him, Minsk continues to deliberately escalate a hybrid attack on the border with Poland and Lithuania, so Tallinn needs to take measures to protect its state border.

“In addition to placing the barrage wire, we, in cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Department, as well as the Kaitseliit armed militia, are ready to contribute to border security, negotiations with the authorities have begun,” Laanet said.

The minister added that Estonia contacts allies every day in order to coordinate actions in case of aggravation of the situation on the border of Belarus and the European Union.



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