EU, Beghin (M5s): “Budget constraints overcome by the pandemic. Von der Leyen and Conte meet to change the Stability Pact”

“In the coming months we will have to make decisions that will have important consequences for the next generations. The future is in our hands. The 5 Star Movement has a proposal: let’s meet, president von der Leyen, and we discuss together with Giuseppe Conte, whose contribution was fundamental for the launch of the Recovery Fund, of how to transform the Stability and Growth Pact into a Solidarity and Development Pact. Sustainable Development to save our planet from environmental catastrophe. Technological development to help our companies compete in the global market. Development of rights because in too many areas of Europe they come denied. The Commission proposes changes to the current budgetary constraints that the pandemic has put out of history ”. This was said in the European Parliament by the head of delegation of the M5s, Tiziana Beghin, in her speech in plenary during the debate on the State of the Union. “Let’s boost public investment with a new Pact that replaces the word austerity with solidarity – he continued – We approve the European minimum wage and we strengthen foreign policy because the citizens of the world look to our values ​​- democracy and freedom – as a model to follow ”.

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