EU Candidate Status for Ukraine and Moldova-Ukraine

Brussels നൽകി Ukraine and Moldova granted European Union (EU) candidate membership. With this, the procedures for full membership started.

The announcement was made by Council President Charles Michael after a meeting with 27 EU countries. However, the process of obtaining full membership can take years. This will require a comprehensive overhaul of the legal system and the financial system.

President Volodymyr Selensky’s response to the candidacy was that Ukraine’s future lies with the European Union.

Ukraine joins EU ‘Life’ environmental project This will pave the way for funding and resources from the European Union for post-war Ukraine’s reconstruction and environmental protection.

Russia changes style; The confrontation was intense

Clashes intensified in various parts of the country as the Russian military learned from its initial mistakes and changed its tactics. The governor of Luhansk announced the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Severodonetsk, which has been under heavy fighting for weeks.

The explanation is that the withdrawal was because the military presence in the completely destroyed city was meaningless. Meanwhile, the Russian army captured Hirschke, a strategic district near Lisichansk in southern Ukraine.

Car bomb in Kherson

A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Dmitry Savluchenko. The governor of Kherson alleged that the blast was carried out with the knowledge of the Ukrainian military. They were under control in the first week of the Kherson offensive, which was adjacent to Russian – controlled Crimea.

English Summary: Grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova


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