EU rejects final statement on energy crisis due to controversy

The leaders of the European Union (EU) were unable to agree on a final statement on the energy crisis in Europe due to differences that have arisen, said the head of the European Council Charles Michel. A TASS source claims that nuclear power, in particular, was the cause of the controversy.

At a press conference following the summit in Brussels, Mr. Michel said that resolving the energy crisis is “a very serious and important issue.” “We are aware that there are different opinions at the table, and therefore could not accept the conclusion. We will return to this issue at the next summit, ”he explained (quoted by TASS).

A TASS source on the sidelines of the summit said that the disagreements arose over nuclear energy. The EU countries could not agree on whether it can be considered clean or not.

The energy crisis in Europe was caused by a sharp rise in gas prices in 2021, which almost reached a record $ 2 thousand per thousand cubic meters. The European Commission this week proposed to ban the extension of long-term contracts for gas imports to the EU after 2049 in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Read more about the proposed measures in the publication of Kommersant “Gas buyers are scared for the future.”



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