Europe shaken by new covid wave, germany, austria recording highest cases, russian seeing more deaths | Four places are serious, and the Kovid situation in Europe is like this, the reasons for the crisis are many

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Munich: Europe is watching the fourth wave of Kovid with horror. Things are getting tougher. Despite the restrictions, Kovid cases are not declining. Lockdowns have been announced in full in many places. What has happened to Europe despite being such a developing country? The main problem is not getting the vaccine. Russia, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands are in a critical condition. Hospitals here are overcrowded. Christmas celebrations are sure to go awry here.

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Europe’s mortality rate continues to rise. The delta cases are so strong. The World Health Organization describes Europe as a new source. Germany is in a bad situation now. 30,000 positive cases were reported in the country in 24 hours. 50 per cent increase in cases considering the situation a week ago. One lakh deaths will be surpassed this week. Patient arrivals are above ICU capacity. The health sector is in a position to shift patients to clinics in many other parts of Germany itself.

The German health sector is literally collapsing. There is a situation where only critically ill patients can be considered. The situation in Austria is even worse. They have become the first country in Western Europe to bring back the lockdown. Apart from this, the campaign by the extremist parties against Wax and the struggle against the lockdown are all a headache for the government. All shops in Austria that do not sell essential items are closed. The government has asked people to work from home. Restaurants, bars, cafes and theaters were closed

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The lockdown is now for ten days. People can go out to buy essentials and go to work. The Netherlands is on the verge of collapse. Here the lockdown is announced. The lockdown is for three weeks. But this does not matter. Covid cases are on the rise at record levels. There is an atmosphere of art in the country. People are taking to the streets and confronting police. There were riots in many places. Outraged at the restrictions, young men set the city on fire and stone it.

The situation in Russia is dire too. The death toll from the previous day was the highest since Kovid’s arrival. The number of new cases is declining. 1241 people died in the new wave. Last week it was 1254 people. Kovid newly confirmed 35681 people. Up to 41,000 cases were reported daily. Many countries have banned travel to countries of origin in Europe. Bulgaria has been included in the Red List of 14 European Union countries. People from here will have to face more restrictions if they want to come to Bulgaria.

Experts suggest that these countries need to increase vaccination. But the situation is unfavorable. It’s a big deal. Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the United Kingdom and France are also experiencing the new wave. The United States has advised its citizens not to travel to Germany or Denmark. Both countries are included in the Level Four. The list includes 75 countries. The list also includes Austria, Britain, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

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europe shaken by new covid wave, germany, austria recording highest cases, russian seeing more deaths

Story first published: Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 23:42 [IST]

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