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The intervention of Prime Minister Mario Draghi during the working session of the European Council was focused on various points ranging from the urgent issue of vaccine supplies to the issue of economic recovery and the future financial policy of the EU.

1. President Draghi argued the need for do not remain helpless in the face of unfulfilled commitments by some pharmaceutical companies. European citizens feel they have been deceived by some pharmaceutical companies, the premier said.

2. The Italian premier retraced the salient points of the story of AstraZeneca vaccines found in the Anagni plant (29 million doses ed) and asked the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen if she thinks it is right that the doses located in Belgium and Holland remain destined for the European Union, in whole or in part. In this regard, in his reply, Von der Leyen reassured that the doses produced in the EU will be destined for the countries of the Union.

3. Draghi fully shared the European Commission’s proposal to introduce a digital green certificate, also inviting to investigate some possible obstacles to the execution of the project. The Member States will need all the help the Commission can give, the premier recalled, because having national platforms and making them interoperable is not a trivial result. Draghi also called on leaders to reflect on how to address the possible risks of discrimination between people caused by the introduction of the certificate.

4. During the discussion on the international role of the euro, Mario Draghi said that the top priority must be not to make mistakes during the economic recovery. We have to draw a framework for fiscal policy that is able to take us out of the crisis said the Prime Minister.

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5. In addition, Draghi invited a take an example from the United States: In the US they have a capital markets union, a complete banking union, and a safe asset he noted, adding that these elements are key to the dollar’s international role.

6. Draghi emphasized the importance of creating a common European title. I know the long way, but we have to start walking. a long-term goal, but an important one to have a political commitment.

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