Europeans, Delta variant alarm: the Italy-Belgium challenge is also at Covid risk

Fans of Belgium (Lapresse)

Covid-19 alarm on Euro 2020: there are Delta variant outbreaks in European stadiums

A heavy tile falls on the European football championships: there are in fact outbreaks of the Delta variant of Covid-19, the most insidious, in the stadiums used for the tournament. At the moment there are two plants: that of St. Petersburg (Russia) and that of Copenhagen (Denmark), where the public was admitted to the extent, respectively, of 50% (32 thousand spectators) and 73.5% (28 thousand) .

The first alarm occurred in Copenhagen with three cases of Delta variant among the spectators of Denmark-Belgium, then shot past ten units. All spectators who were in Grandstand B during the match, played on June 17, were invited to take the test.

The day before it had been played in St. Petersburg Russia-Finland, also valid for Group B, with 120 infections so far disclosed by the Russian authorities.

There were also further challenges in the grouping won by Belgium, who will also challenge Italy in the quarter-finals next Friday, in the match scheduled at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Despite the alarm over the infections from Covid-19, UEFA has officially confirmed its intention to play the final, scheduled for 11 July, in the London stadium of Wembley, or in the heart of a country where the Delta variant has been rampant for some time now.

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