Eurovision 2022, Mahmood and Blanco close the parade with fan cheers

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Eurovision 2022, Mahmood and Blanco close the parade with fan cheers

representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and accompanied by the audience’s chorus on the notes of ‘Shivers’, the song with which they won Sanremo, among the cheers of the fans they entered the turquoise carpet of the Reggia di Venaria Mahmood e Blancoparade last because they are host countries.

“The fact that it used to rain and now the sun has come out is already rocking.” These are the first words of Mahmood as soon as he came out on the carpet where a downpour had fallen shortly before. Recalling, then, his past participation in Eurovision, in Tel Aviv, Mahmood observed: “it always seems a bit like the first time even if I have already done it and then being in a different city always gives a bit of adrenaline. “. Asked about Turin, Mahmood said again: “Here people stop us, they charge us, they tell us ‘we cheer for you’. I am super happy to do it here in our country”.

“There is a good climate, we have no expectations, we hope to have fun and to give our best and to give our best we are trying to rest”, the words of Blanco.

“We don’t want to send a message, we are here because we wrote a song and we want to pass the universal freedom to love in every way”, explains Mahmood on the ‘Chills’ bran. And Blanco comments: “We wrote this piece not thinking of going against someone or against some theme, we wrote it because we wanted to tell our life”.

CLIMATE ACTIVIST BLITZ STOPPED – The blitz of a climate activist lasted a few seconds, who, at the exit of Mahmood and Blanco, tried to unroll a banner to ask for music to be expressed in support of the climate emergency. The young man stressed “I have an important message to deliver” before being dismissed by security.

Shortly before, in the ranks of the public, some members of Extinction Rebellion had protested, who reached the area near the artists’ exit and showed a sign with the words’ music declare climate emergency ‘. “We ask the artists – they explained – to talk about the climate emergency, not enough is being done, we do not want to block the event but ask that the power of music be used to counter the emergency”.

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