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The organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest on Monday, May 24, denied reports of possible drug use during the show by the lead singer of the Italian band Maneskin, which won the competition in Rotterdam. Some viewers suspected Damiano David of using cocaine when, during the Eurovision broadcast, they saw him leaning towards the table at which the group was sitting in the green room. This is the name of the place where the performers wait for their performance and the announcement of the results.

According to a press release from the organizer of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) competition, at the request of the Italian delegation, EBU conducted a fact-check, including all available video material. In addition, on May 24, the lead singer of the group voluntarily passed a drug test. According to the European Broadcasting Union, EBU received the test results, they were negative.

EMU: there was no drug use in the green room

The European Broadcasting Union regretted that ill-advised speculation had led to inaccurate messages. The organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest emphasized that there was no drug use in the green room, and considers the incident settled. EBU once again congratulated Maneskin on winning the competition and announced that Eurovision 2022 will be held in Italy.

Italian group Maneskin won the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which took place in Rotterdam on May 22, thanks in large part to the support of viewers. The Ukrainian group Go_A took the fifth place in the competition, the Russian woman Manizha – the ninth, Natalia Gordienko from Moldova – 13, and the representative of Germany, Jendrik – was the penultimate of 26 participants.

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