Eva Decastelo arranged a sinful photo shoot for Třeštík with a naked beauty!

Eva Decastelo arranged a sinful photo shoot for Třeštík with a naked beauty!

2023-09-30 05:00:00

Both are very busy with work and finding time together is not easy for them. When it works out, they surprise each other. Eva was celebrating her 45th birthday and Tomáš kidnapped her to Vienna, where she was for the first time in her life.

14 days later, Třeštík was in for several surprises. His birthday was on March 14, but it was worth the wait.

Divorced Decastelo: Living together with boyfriend Třeštík is not happening!

Tomáš was given dinner at Radek Kašpárek’s for his birthday. It was an incredible art to coordinate the date so that Tomáš, myself and Radek could, but after half a year it finally worked out for us. And it was an incredible experience. The food was fantastic, you could kind of guess, but what made us both happy was the non-alcoholic pairing. It’s really incredible what you can do to avoid alcohol and still enjoy it.” Decastelo boasted on Instagram, taking her boyfriend to a tasting menu at the Michelin-starred restaurant Fields.

And to make matters worse, she added one more gift. Photo shoot with a naked beauty!

Like when you go out with a girl who helps you find a model for a photoshoot, she produces the whole thing, puts on her make-up and after the photoshoot tells you to stand close to each other, that she’ll click you so that I can also have a photo with a girl who’s not up to my waist ,” the photographer commented on a joint photo with a model in Eva’s robes. It can be seen that Eva has taste and knows how to please her man.

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Eva Decastelo in White Swan

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