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Evangelical Christian News – NoticiaCristiana.com

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM.- The most recent song by the Christian singer, Katy Nichole, was inspired by her fight against scoliosis that almost ended her life, as reported by the portal guide me.

The singer’s song, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)”, is a hit with 18 million views on YouTube.

Katy said that after undergoing spinal surgery, she suffered from severe pain. The singer herself confessed that at one point she thought of taking her own life due to the magnitude of her ailments.

However, when he decided to take drugs to end his life, the jar of pills fell to the ground, and at that moment he heard the voice of God telling him: “Wait, I have not finished yet.”

The woman underwent further surgery three years later, to remove the metal bars and screws placed along her spine, and today she is pain-free.

Today, Katy encourages people through her talent to trust God when they feel like giving up.

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