‘Even with Covid the levels of assistance remain unchanged’

“In these 2 years, despite the serious pandemic” of Covid-19, “we have made sure that the Regions were at least able to maintain the levels of home care for rare patients unchanged.. All this was possible because we have the economic, cultural and human resources. But we need to work in a substantial and far-sighted way because we are the best country in the world when it comes to having to face the emergency, vice versa we are last when it comes to planning. But all Regions must have the same level of assistance, there cannot be Regions that supply drugs and Regions that do not. If we begin to consider integrated home care and drug delivery as ‘tailor-made services’ for each rare patient, we would be a great step forward “.

He said it Fortunato Nicoletti, representing the Rare Diseases Alliance (Amr), speaking this morning at the round table ‘Pnrr & Governance on the territory’, on the occasion of the 5th Annual Report of the Orphan Drugs Observatory – Ossfor.


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