Event-experiment in Liverpool with 6 thousand people in a disco without distancing: the photos- Corriere.it

6,000 young people participated in the first experiment-event in Liverpool in the United Kingdom, to check whether the conditions exist to ease the restrictions. Participants danced in the disco, at the Bramley-Moore Dock department store in the local Circus, and drank and sang without distancing and without a mask, but underwent a tampon before and after the evening. Another such event scheduled at the same venue on Saturday; then on Sunday 5,000 fans will attend a concert by the Blossoms band at Sefton Park, also in Liverpool. And the test events will culminate on May 15 at Wembley Stadium, where a crowd of 21,000 people, or a quarter of the facility’s capacity, will watch the FA Cup football final. Here are the images (Getty)



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