Everest: Experts try to measure the exact height of the peak

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A Chinese team climbs the highest mountain in the world for the survey – LaPresse /Courier TV

(LaPresse) – A Chinese team has become the first group to climb Everest in 2020. According to Chinese media, the experts are part of a project to measure the exact height of the most impressive mountain in the world. The rise comes after both China and Nepal canceled the spring climbing season on the Himalayan mountain that straddles their borders in an effort to prevent the coronavirus from spreading among expedition teams. This could make the Chinese survey team the only one to reach the summit of Everest this year. A 53-member team from China’s Ministry of National Resources has been conducting scientific work on Everest since early March. In addition to the exact height of the peak, data on snow depth and weather and wind speed are also measured to help monitor glaciers.


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