“Every Jew will return to his country, come here only as tourists”

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Sharp noises from the area in the shadow of fear of flare-up: “Hamas is in every corner of the Palestinian public and everywhere, even within Israel, Jordan, Egypt, in places most hostile to Islam and Muslims. The intention is not necessarily for the organization, but for Hamas’ way of making people confront the occupation,” The terrorist, Fadi Abu Shahidam, a teacher, a preacher in a mosque and a Hamas operative who carried out the deadly attack in the Old City where Ariel Kay, 26, from Modi’in, was killed today (Sunday).

The terrorist just before the shooting in Jerusalem, today

The latest series of attacks is not due to the intention of Hamas or another Palestinian organization, but due to the decision of individuals to act and harm – but the accumulation of events rekindles the fire in the territories, the passion of young people to hit and go to the intifada – and the security establishment fears flare-ups. Young Palestinians we spoke to in Shuafat, where residents hold blue IDs, speak harsh words against Israel.

“This is my land, man! My land! This is my land! Do you want me to go to Jordan and leave the land for you? This is my land, I was expelled from it in ’48,” one of the young people in the refugee camp told us, “Will there be an eternal war “Until the Day of Judgment between us? Honestly. Yes, of course, because this is our land. You thought the old would die and the young would forget. You instill things in this generation, and you will see scary things later.”

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“We are at war,” they say, “I want to tell a Jew who is watching me now to return to his country, to return to his land.” At this point, our correspondent Ohad Hemo replied, “This is his country and this is my country – just as this is your country,” and one of the young men replied, “I do not accept that this is your country, no one accepts it. You are a Jew who wants to come here, Just come as a tourist and return to your country! ”

Fear of inspirational attacks: Security preparations in the Jerusalem area

The fear is that today’s attack, the second in four days to leave East Jerusalem, will become an inspiration for other young people. Especially when this image, of a man armed with such a great weapon and hatred, one that makes him shoot randomly in all directions, today becomes an icon in the territories. This is why the defense establishment decided Reinforce forces in the capital area to prevent further Palestinian attempts to carry out terrorist acts in the sector.

And the fear of continued security tensions is showing its signs in the field: Tonight, unknown individuals threw a Molotov cocktail at a policeman in the Ben Hanom Valley in Jerusalem, he was taken to the hospital in a light condition. Shortly afterwards, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a bus near the Hizma checkpoint, the driver became anxious and was treated on the spot. Damage was done to the bus windows and the passengers were not injured.

A key question that arose in the wake of the attacks, especially after it became clear that the terrorist who carried out the attack this morning arrived near the Temple Mount armed with a submachine gun is whether the metal detectors in the Old City should be returned and placed – about 4 years ago. Currently, the defense establishment has no intention of placing the magnetometers in the field again as it is estimated there that the explosiveness that such a decision will entail will be greater than the benefit – and the focus will be on other attempts to stop terrorist attacks.

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Eli Kay, who was killed in a terrorist attack in the Old City (Photo: courtesy of the family)
Killed in a terrorist attack in the Old City. Eli Kay | Photo: Courtesy of the family

The growing number of terrorist incidents in recent times raises suspicions that there is a deliberate hand behind them – but it is estimated that the terrorists acted on their own. Hamas’ repeated attempts to set fire to Judea and Samaria are unsuccessful – despite many voices of support for the organization among Palestinians, as happened tonight at the Shuafat refugee camp, where hundreds of people marched with Hamas flags and shouted in support of terrorist attacks. The Palestinian Authority is also working to prevent a flare-up, and in recent days has launched a major operation in Jenin against Islamic Jihad militants.

Inbar Toiser participated in the preparation of the article

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