Every Russian soldier is motivated to rape Ukrainian women by their wives: Olena Zelenska

London: First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska strongly criticized the Russian army. Rape is the main weapon used by the Russian military to conquer Ukraine. Olena Zelenska also alleged that every Russian soldier is motivated by their wives to sexually abuse the country’s women.

She was speaking at an international conference in London on sexual violence in conflict and how to overcome it. Sexual assault is the most brutal and brutal way to dominate someone. She said that those subjected to such atrocities during wartime would find it difficult to survive.

Besides sexually harassing every woman in Ukraine, I also saw Russian soldiers calling family members and relatives about it. The wives who heard this never spoke against it. They said that they came to know about these things when their phone conversations were hacked. Olena said that the move by Russian soldiers who are trying to subjugate the country through sexual assault is a war crime and will face strict legal action.


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