#Everything on the table: YouTube puts deleted video back online – domestic politics

The government-critical artists of the action #allesaufdentisch got in front on Monday Court law. Now YouTube has put a deleted video back online.

The platform works with a “combination of people and technology” to moderate content, said a Youtube spokesman for the “Evangelical Press Service”. Several videos of the channel “allesaufdentisch” were recognized as a violation of the community guidelines.

After a further check it was found that one of these videos did meet the guidelines.

Specifically, it’s about the video “Angst”. There the actor and cabaret artist Gernot Haas (43) spoke with the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther (70). He is regularly interviewed or quoted by the media (including NDR, Deutschlandfunk),

The internet campaign #allesaufdentisch, in which actor Volker Bruch also took part, started at the end of September. In many videos that were uploaded online, the Corona measures and the media reporting on them are criticized, among other things.

In the clips, various interlocutors – for example from science – talk about medical and social aspects.

▶ ︎ The initiators of “AllesaufdenTisch”, Volker Bruch (41, “Tatort”) and Jeana Paraschiva, were alarmed: “We are trying to get into conversation with people. This is democracy. Wiping out our voices is the sad opposite of that. ”

▶ ︎ Your lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel (59) said on Tuesday on BILD Live, the new BILD TV broadcaster: “I was so shocked (by YouTube’s decision) that tears almost came to me,” she told him “the Feet pulled away from under the body ”. He sees a “narrowing of the corridor of opinion”.

It is also clear to him that if videos meet criminal offenses, including “defamation, insult, sedition”, these “must of course be punished”. But that is not the case with the deleted videos.

His YouTube balance sheet: “It is rather deleted than you should actually be able to delete.” However, such decisions do not have to be “offered”. The court ruling confirms that he and his clients are right. Therefore, its success rate would be between 90 and 95 percent.



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