Evil Dead The Game will stop receiving content in the future

Evil Dead The Game will stop receiving content in the future

2023-09-21 00:09:12


By: Samuel M. | 09-20-23

Evil Dead The Gamethe asymmetric survival video game developed by Saber Interactivewill stop receiving new content, as confirmed by its developers through social networks.

The studio thanked the community for its support, but they also took the opportunity to announce that the version for Nintendo Switch, which had been delayed, was completely cancelled. The servers of Evil Dead The Game They will still remain active, at least for now.

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It seems quite clear that the player base has not been the most attractive for the studio, forcing them to leave without new content, and having other titles like Dead by Daylight, it seems difficult to position itself in the market, especially if we talk about multiplayer based on Evil Dead.

Ash Williams, Bruce Campbell’s character, has not had good luck with this title. It is said that it was because of this game that the character’s appearance in Mortal Kombat 11. Campbell himself, a few months ago, said that he was not interested in seeing his iconic action hero guest in other games, and prefers him to be the protagonist.

Evil Dead: The Game premiered in May 2022 Five days after it came out it sold about 500 thousand copies worldwide. In addition to controlling the fun Ash Williams, other characters belonging to the different films and series of the franchise were available to fight against the army of demons.

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