Evolute electric car produced in Lipetsk will cost less than 3 million rubles

The first model in the production line of the Russian brand Evolute will cost less than 3 million rubles, and under the program of preferential car loans or leasing – about 2 million rubles, RIA Novosti reported with reference to a company representative.

“Parameters are still being specified. The planned recommended retail price will be less than 3 million rubles, which does not take into account the subsidies for leasing and credit programs … the planned price, taking into account subsidy programs, will be about 2 million rubles,” the company said.

As the Chinese Automobiles portal clarifies, the first car of the brand will not be the i-Joy crossover, as previously reported, but the i-Pro sedan, created on the basis of the Chinese Dongfeng Aeolus E70.

In March, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Lipetsk Region and Motorinvest signed the country’s first special investment contract (SPIC 2.0) for the production of electric vehicles. Electric cars will be produced under the new Evolute brand, the production line of which in Russia in 2022 will consist of five models – a sedan, a minivan and three crossovers of various classes. The cars will be equipped with engines with a capacity of 110 to 510 kW, batteries with a capacity of 53 to 88 kWh and have a power reserve on a single charge from 405 to 750 km. The company plans to invest more than 13 billion rubles in the organization of production. for 11 years.

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