Evra reveals the secret chat with CR7, he already knew he was going to United: I will play in our club

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Patrice Evra posted on Twitter the secret chat with Cristiano Ronaldo. The former full-back of Manchester United and Juventus, posted on Twitter the conversation he had on the whatsapp chat with the now former number # 7 of the bianconeri who just today was made official to the Red Devils: “I will play in our team”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is officially a new player of the Manchester United. The decision to return to the English club after 12 years has displaced the Juventus people who did not expect the closure of this deal in such a short time. Yet there are those who, like the Portuguese, the absolute protagonist of this story, knew from this morning of his imminent arrival at United, denying all the rumors about his possible agreement with the City at Guardiola. He thought about unraveling the mystery Patrice Evra who through his Twitter account revealed a secret chat with the now former Juventus number # 7.

On the well-known social network Evra has published the chat history of whatsapp with his friend, which he saved with the name “Cr7”. During a nice exchange at 11 this morning, Cristiano Ronaldo writes: “I’ll play in your club”. Too bad that only in the evening Manchester United then announced the official transfer of the player to the Red Devils. Evra therefore knew in advance what was happening. To Cristiano Ronaldo’s message, the Frenchman then replied: “Stop laughing brother, I’m not a clown!” To which Ronaldo: “Ahahahah, yes!” Reply Evra: “I love you so much!”.

The nice tweet from Evra that reveals the future of CR7

A nice retorted curtain that however revealed how Cristiano Ronaldo was aware of his future already this morning, categorically denying all the news that had spread during the day on an upcoming agreement with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

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Only one hour after Manchester United’s official statement, Evra then published the private chat on social media revealing a part of the content to everyone. The chat went around the world and bounced from all over the world. “Now I can post it” Evra wrote tagging Cristiano Ronaldo himself: “It was the biggest transfer in history.”

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