Ex-Maccabi Tel Aviv in a message to the team’s fans after the victory over them in the Euroleague

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Yuval Sussman Ladies and gentlemen. The player that Maccabi Tel Aviv preferred to say goodbye to last summer, is the one who signed last night’s loss of the Yellows to Alba Berlin after he simply bombarded the money of the game and actually buried the Yellows’ chances of victory in Germany.

It seemed that Sussman was just waiting for this moment, to arrive and “take revenge” on the state champion for preferring not to renew his contract with him, but what he did last night provoked the anger not only of Maccabi players but also of many yellow fans.

Sussman’s ability last night was also expressed in numbers: The Israeli scored 8 points, six of them in the decisive quarter with two big threes on the back of Maccabi, he was also not afraid to signal movement to the yellow bench and confront Maccabi Tel Aviv star James Nanley. Shake his hand.

About an hour after the game, Sussman realized the great anger among the Yellows’ fans towards him and decided in an unusual move to share with Maccabi fans what he went through that evening when he first met the Yellows and played against them.

Yuval Sussman and Tamir Blatt. Photo: GETTY

In a story published by Sussman: “I appreciate, respect and love Maccabi wholeheartedly. I am who I am thanks to Maccabi, among other things. Nothing was directed at the fans or anything close to that. You fans are dear to my heart, you received me from the first moment I came to Maccabi, I am forever grateful and love you “I love you, I hope you understand that nothing was against you, you will always be with me in your heart.”

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About the incident with James Nanley: ‘What I do not respect is an actor who comes, curses and swears unacceptably. He knows exactly what I’m talking about. “This player kept cursing and pushing me throughout the game, even when I was on the bench and not involved, he kept calling me unbearably derogatory names.”

Photo from Yuval Sussman’s Instagram page

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