Ex-minister’s son-in-law loses Rs 6.5 crore due to greed – 4 arrested for fraud

The son-in-law of a former Pondicherry minister and his friends who lost Rs 6.5 crore due to greed.

Praveen Alexander (31), a native of Pondicherry, is the son-in-law of Praveen Alexander, son-in-law of Panneer Selvam, a former Home Minister of the Pondicherry NR Congress Party. A complaint was lodged at the Periyamedu police station on the evening of the 4th by Praveen Alexander and his friends Gautam, 29, a dealer in Avin, and Ganesh Kumar, a wholesaler of cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios.

Mahesh, 45, of Choolai, and Jayakrishnan, 43, of Madhavaram, were allegedly complicit in the murder of Balaji and his father Tulsidas, 59, an IAS officer. ) Arrested the four persons and asked them to recover their money.

When the four were brought to the Periyamedu police station for interrogation, Balaji (34), a resident of Kannikapuram, Puliyanthope, allegedly bought and sold gold, silver, a car and a cell phone without a bill. It was also revealed that they had lost money.

They also staged a scam claiming that Balaji’s father Tulsidas was working as an IAS officer and that he was well acquainted with the customs officials at Shastri Bhavan and would give him the gold seized at the airport at a low price.

On this basis, Praveen Alexander and his friends first paid Rs 6 lakh and got the gold from Balaji. Later, Balaji told Praveen Alexander and his friends that his father Tulsidas and his accomplices Mahesh and Jayakrishnan were in possession of gold worth crores of rupees and would give away all the gold if they paid Rs 6.5 crore.

Thus Praveen Alexander and his friends have given Rs 6 crore to Balaji out of an intense desire to buy more gold for less money. They also kept Rs 50 lakh in a lodge in Periyamedu.
Balaji and his associates have been cheating by not returning the gold without paying after months of giving.

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It was then that it was revealed that Praveen Alexander, the son-in-law of a former minister of Pondicherry, had been deceived by greed for money. Further police investigation revealed that Balaji’s father Tulsidas was not a real IAS officer and pretended to be an IAS officer and swindled money from four persons including Praveen Alexander.

Following this, Balaji’s father Tulsidas, who played an IAS officer, has filed a case against their friends Mahesh and Jayakrishnan under five sections, including fraud and trust fraud, and jailed four persons. Police are also investigating an attempt to recover money from Praveen Alexander and his friends who lost money.

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