Ex-partner questioned in court for Gothenburg car killing

Ex-partner questioned in court for Gothenburg car killing

Last summer, a tragic incident known as the “car murder” took place on Hisingen in Gothenburg, where a 38-year-old woman was killed and her new partner was seriously injured on a footpath with her two eldest sons in the car. Despite their denial, the sons are now suspected of murder. Recently, the trial continued, focusing on the woman’s former partner, who is charged with unlawful threats against the new partner, who was hit at the same time as her. The 43-year-old defendant is seen on the screen with his lawyer in prison serving a sentence for money laundering, aggravated fraud, and aggravated embezzlement. The prosecutor alleged that the defendant uttered honor-related threats about the new relationship. However, the defendant denied the accusation, saying it was about the concern he felt for his children. He fondly described the deceased woman as “my dearest” and was not worried about the new relationship. Despite admitting to saying he wanted to “beat or kill” the plaintiff, the defendant’s lawyer denied the charge, stating that it was impossible for him to have known the serious fear it would cause. The prosecutor noted that the mention of a knife during the threat was related to the plaintiff surviving an attempted murder with a knife in 2020. The whole family, according to the prosecutor, was involved in the car murder case.

The fatal incident occurred at Hisingen in Gothenburg last summer and has come to be known as the “car murder”. That’s when a 38-year-old woman was killed on a footpath and her new partner was seriously injured. The woman’s two eldest sons were in the car. They are now, against their denial, suspected of murder.

When the trial in the case continued on Monday, however, it was not the brothers it was about, but their father, the former partner of the woman who was run over. The father, who is 43 years old, is charged with unlawful threats. The plaintiff is the now dead woman’s new love, that is, the man who was hit at the same time as her.

It takes time before the institution succeeds in establishing the link to the Gothenburg district court. Once the picture appears on the big screen, the 43-year-old is seen sitting with two guards and his lawyer in a small room at the prison where he is serving a prison sentence for money laundering, aggravated fraud and aggravated embezzlement.

According to the prosecutor, the 43-year-old must have uttered honor-related threats linked to the new relationship. Reference is made to a telephone conversation between the 43-year-old and the woman’s new partner last summer. When the 43-year-old himself describes phone conversations he and the new partner had, he says, however, that they were about the concern he felt about his children, and did not concern threats connected to the new relationship. He also completely denies the accusation that he threatened the new partner’s daughter:

– No, I don’t involve children, it’s not my thing, he says.

The 43-year-old expresses himself during the trial almost tenderly about the now deceased woman, and calls her “my dearest”. He also describes how he reacted to the news that the woman had started a new relationship:

– She told me that she had taken a new man. Oh, how nice, I can’t stop another’s love, and they fall for each other. When I was worried, it was about our five children, he says.

But the prosecutor believes that the man uttered death threats along the lines of “this time it won’t be a knife in the lungs, this time it will be a gun, you will die”, and that the motive was to restore or preserve the honor of the family and relatives after the woman started it the new relationship.

The fact that a knife is mentioned in the context is said to be about the fact that the deceased woman’s new partner survived an attempted murder with a knife in central Gothenburg as recently as 2020.

The 43-year-old’s lawyer, Viktor Österberg, says that his client denies any crime, even though he admits that he said he wanted to “beat or kill” the plaintiff.

– It is also required when you have said something that was likely to cause serious fear in those you say it to. My client believes that it was impossible for the plaintiff to have known it in this case.

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