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Could there be cheating behind the amazing performance of the Slovenian professional cyclist Tadej Pogacar? Marcel Kittel says that the only 22-year-old can only get rid of this general suspicion through openness.

Mainz (AP) – Former professional cyclist Marcel Kittel has asked Tour-de-France Dominator Tadej Pogacar and his team to be open and transparent in view of doubts about the astonishing achievements of the Slovenian.

“Of course there are also a lot of people who say: Maybe there is fraud behind it. Who doubt the whole thing. Unfortunately, only the time can tell at the moment, ”said Kittel on Saturday evening in the ZDF’s“ Current Sports Studio ”. “And as it is unfortunately also from the experience and history of cycling, we have to wait and see.”

The only 22-year-old Pogacar and his UAE team could “only get rid of general suspicion through openness and transparency. And then the team has to put up with the accusation that this is not the case at the moment, ”said the former world-class sprinter Kittel, who celebrated 14 stage wins on the Tour and his active career in May 2019 has finished.

He thinks the reactions that have been heard and noticed from around Pogacar in recent weeks are “old, antiquated and not befitting for the time now and for the responsibility that sport and Pogacar have,” said Kittel. Pogacar is still young, but he too must be aware of the responsibility and the role model effect “for the whole sport”.

After finishing eighth in the individual time trial, Pogacar is close to his second overall victory in the Tour de France. On the 21st and last stage on Sunday, the yellow bearer is traditionally no longer attacked.


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